Aviation Training Videos – Free Offer from ITS

As a producer and distributor of Aviation Training Videos ITS offers a wide range of training programmes on DVD or VHS Video format. The programmes are divided into the following categories:

• Safety & Emergency Procedures
• Fire
• Security
• Air Disasters
• Medical
• Health & Safety

Special Offer – Free Video

Buy any three videos and pay for only two, we will give you the cheapest programme free of charge. This offer is valid for all orders received by 1800 hours GMT on May 31st 2008.

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Singapore Airlines Teamwork Project

ITS has completed an 18-month project with Singapore Airlines. The objective of this project is to develop the specific skills associated with effective cross-functional working across the airline’s Flight Ops, Cabin Crew, Engineering and Airport Management departments. To put it another way, it is to avoid a ‘silo’ mentality within the organisation, whereby personnel in one department take little consideration for the requirements of other departments.

The task was to design a training course that will improve cross-functional working across the four departments, and then to train the airline’s facilitators to deliver the course.

The prime objective of the training is that, having attended the course, participants will be able to recognize the impact their personal behaviour in the workplace can have on personnel in their own, and other departments. More importantly, the training will assist them to manage their own and others’ behaviour to keep the operational goal in sight. In addition, as personnel from all four departments attend each training course, they gain a much greater understanding of the needs and difficulties experienced by the other departments.

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NOTECHS and Debrief Skills Training for Astraeus

ITS have recently delivered, at London Gatwick Airport, the first of a series of courses for Astraeus, which combine Assessment Skills and Debrief Skills training for the airline’s Line Trainers and Simulator Instructors.

Astraeus are keen to ensure their instructors are competent in debriefing training sessions and CRM assessment sessions; ITS have therefore designed a composite course for Astraeus which links debriefing and facilitation skills to assessment training for non-technical skills, both on the line and in the simulator.

Astraeus have adopted the NOTECHS scheme as their behavioural marker system and, in addition to delivering the combined Debrief and Assessment Skills course, ITS have provided support and guidance in the implementation of the NOTECHS scheme.

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Ryanair and NOTECHS

Over the last six years ITS has supported Ryanair in all aspects of the airline’s CRM Training Programme. Initially ITS delivered CRM training to all flight deck and cabin crew personnel; more recently ITS have delivered instructor training courses to Ryanair instructors, who now deliver CRM training for the airline. Within this process, ITS design and produce joint flight deck and cabin crew, combined CRM/SEP recurrent courseware.

ITS have also worked closely with Ryanair’s simulator instructors and have delivered CRMI-Simulator courses to all instructors.

Ryanair is currently introducing a Behavioural Marker Scheme which was designed and prepared by ITS to meet Ryanair’s specific requirements.

ITS is now in the process of delivering CRM Assessment Training courses to almost 200 of the airline’s line trainers and training captains to support the implementation of the BM scheme.

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Dangerous Goods Training for Air Deccan in India

ITS have recently delivered a dangerous goods instructor training course for Air Deccan on the airline’s base in Bangalore, India. This was a Certified UK CAA Shippers Course to permit Dangerous Goods Awareness training. Twelve instructors attended the course and all passed the final examination with very high scores.

Air Deccan and ITS have now entered discussions about working together in other areas of training.

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ITS return to Iran Aseman Airlines in Tehran

Having regularly worked with Iran Aseman Airlines, ITS recently returned to Tehran to deliver a Basic Instructional Techniques course to the airline’s engineering instructors.

Over the last three years ITS have delivered annual CRM training to the airline’s flight crew. In the first year, 2-day initial courses were delivered separately to pilots and cabin crew and then, over the next two years, 1-day joint recurrent training courses. ITS have also delivered CRM courses to the airline’s despatch personnel.

More recently ITS have delivered CRMI courses to the airline’s cabin crew and pilot instructors.

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Korean Air select ITS

Korean Air has awarded a contract to ITS for the provision of Assessment Training to their Line Training Captains.

Korean Air already has a NOTECHS scheme in place for the assessment of CRM on the line, and ITS will now deliver a 2-day course designed to deliver non-technical assessment skills to their instructors. The training will be delivered on Korean Air’s base in Seoul and the course will:

• Familiarise delegates with NOTECHS
• Introduce the behavioural assessment process
• Practice the skills of observation, recording, classifying and evaluating behaviour
• Discuss the pitfalls of behavioural assessment
• Test delegates’ ability to assess behavioural skills

This contract re-enforces Korean Air’s commitment to the further development of CRM within the airline, and once again demonstrates ITS’ ability to deliver training to clients worldwide.

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Computer Based CRM Modules

ITS have introduced a complete range of computer-based CRM training modules which cover all the main CRM elements.

These modules were originally designed for use in conjunction with LOFT, during the pre-flight brief, as a means of refreshing CRM within the operator’s recurrent training cycle. The CRM module, appropriate to the LOFT and the recurrent cycle, is delivered by the instructor to the participating crew.

The computer-based module covers the selected subject using simple graphics and audio, and delivery is facilitated by the instructor using pre-programmed questions and discussions.

Each module comes complete with an instructor guide and a delegate workbook, and they can also be used in the classroom or as private study units. The modules can also be used as the basis for designing your own courseware for your CRM training sessions.

A full range of modules, covering all the main CRM subjects, is available for both pilots and cabin crew.

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ITS Nigeria

In September 2006 ITS supported the Nigerian College of Avaition Technology in organising and running a CRM conference in Lagos.

As a further commitment to CRM training within the country, ITS has formed a new company in Nigeria. The new company is named ITS-Nigeria and it has offices and training facilities at Lagos airport.

ITS-Nigeria offers a full range of CRM training and support services to include crew training, instructor training, courseware and supporting training materials such as DVDs and text books.

In addition ITS-Nigeria offers cabin crew training, and dangerous goods training courses.

ITS-Nigeria also provides Behavioural Develeopment training to non-aviation organisations including, petrochem, telecom and financial institutions. In particular the company provides teamworking, communication and leadership training courses, which are tailored specifically to the individual client’s requirements.

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UK CAA publish CAP 737

The UK CAA recently published CAP 737 ‘Guidance Notes for Flight Crew, CRM Instructors (CRMIs) and CRM Instructor-Examiners (CRMIEs)’. The document provides comprehensive guidance on CRM, from a UK perspective, and contains, or references, all the information required by these individuals in respect of CRM. It will also be relevant to cabin crew CRM and, to some extent, human factors training in other aviation contexts (such as military aviation, maintenance, ATC etc.).

The document also explains the procedures involved in the issue and revalidation of CRM Instructor (CRMI) and CRM Instructor-Examiner (CRMIE).

ITS offers a 5-day CRM Instructor’s Course designed around CAP 737 and we also offer guidance in the development and use of behavioural markers in CRM assessment.

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CAP 737 can be obtained here.

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