Cross-functional Teamworking, how different teams and departments work together, can often be the weak link within an organisation. Individual teams or departments may be working effectively, but your organisation’s efficiency and profitability will be greatly diminished if:

  • The channels and links that enable communication and collaboration between teams and departments are weak, non-existent or not used effectively.
  • There is lack of mutual understanding and appreciation of the needs and requirements of other teams and departments.
  • Your teams do not understand and appreciate the need for effective cross-functional teamworking.

Investment in the development of Cross-functional teamworking is therefore fundamental to the success and growth of any organisation.

What will I learn?

  • What Cross-functional Teamworking means.
  • Why focus upon Cross-functional Teamworking?.
  • Cross-functional Teamworking Skills.
  • Threats and errors impacting on the organisation.
  • Understanding the needs and requirements of others.
  • Characteristics of an effective cross-functional team member.
  • The core skills of collaboration.
  • Collaborative problem-solving skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Developing action plans.

Fundamental to the concept of our teamwork programmes is that delegates will develop and commit to team goals and action plans which they will take back to the workplace.