AN1 Air Crew Final Filter

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Training Elements:


When an Ansett Australia Boeing 747-300 landed at Sydney International Airport with its nosewheel retracted, there were, fortunately, no casualties among the 21 crew and 253 passengers. But the implications of the accident led to significant changes being made throughout the whole organisation and a complete re-examination of the role of CRM in maintaining safe operating procedures throughout the airline.

Investigation of the accident showed that there were hidden failures in training, and other factors far removed from the incident itself that nevertheless contributed in allowing the incident to develop. The result was that the crew did not even realise that the nosewheel was retracted until told by Air Traffic Control as they were landing.

In this particular incident, a straightforward malfunction initiated the problem but the crew did not use CRM management skills to solve it and so did not fulfil their function as ‘the final filter’ in avoiding an accident.

The video features a reconstruction of the incident, and shows how there are CRM lessons to be learned throughout the whole airline from cabin attendants right up to top management