AN2 Loss of All Engines

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Training Elements:


In the incident that is featured in this video, there was not the slightest injury to anyone. But if the incident had not been handled with exemplary skill and textbook implementation of management expertise, the results could have been catastrophic. The aircraft was flying at cruise level on an internal flight when it suffered engine rollback and a loss of power in all four engines. This in turn led to a loss of hydraulic power, electrical power and pressurisation.

The video features a reconstruction of the event, which could happen to any crew in any aircraft, using the original five crew members. We are able to see how communication between flight deck, cabin crew and passengers, as well as air traffic control, was a crucial part of dealing with the potential emergency, and how correct use of CRM skills assisted in ensuring that time, which was in very short supply, was correctly allocated.

Having declared an emergency and prepared for a forced landing in very hostile terrain, the flight deck crew was able to concentrate fully on systematically trying to solve the problem. The result was eventually a safe landing, but the lessons which can be learned from this gripping reconstruction are relevant to all airlines and to all sections of personnel. Following the reconstruction is a detailed discussion with the flight deck and cabin crew to examine those lessons in depth and ensure that maximum benefit is gained from this harrowing event.