AV1 Manchester Air Disaster

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At 06.12 hours, flight KT28, carrying 131 holidaymakers and 6 crew, began its take off roll from Manchester Airport to the Greek island of Corfu.

Seconds later the aircraft was engulfed in fire and 55 people lost their lives in the horrific flames and dense toxic smoke which entered the cabin. A foreign object had pierced an underwing fuel access panel and fuel was then ignited by hot gasses from the engine.

The aircraft continued to taxi off the main runway as flames developed around the wing, and the direction of the wind then blew the flames against the rear fuselage with immense intensity.

Passengers began to panic when they saw flames and smoke appear in the rear of the cabin and through air conditioning grills. However, as only three exits were useable, it was impossible for everyone to escape.

The video can be used to particularly highlight the following:

Conditions within a smoke filled cabin
The need for rapid evacuations
How passengers are likely to react
Use of emergency exits

Duration: 15 minutes