AV10 Amsterdam Air Disaster

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Training Elements:

Air Disaster

Just seven and a half minutes after take-off from Amsterdam, the Boeing 747 was climbing through 6500 ft when the disaster began… The number three engine pylon fractured causing the engine to detach and collide with number four, resulting in the loss of both engines and damage to the wing. The craft attempted to return to Schiphol Airport, but loss in speed during preparation to the final approach caused the craft to exceed its limited control capability. A safe landing was virtually impossible, and seven minutes after the emergency began, the craft ploughed into an 11 floor apartment block 13 km from the airport.

Using flight data, ATC voice recordings and 3D graphics this fascinating video illustrates the entire flight, in real time, from take-off to impact. The programme can assist with CRM training and provides an invaluable insight into the problems faced by pilots in a potentially catastrophic situation.