AV3 Kegworth Air Disaster

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Training Elements:
Fire & Rescue

En route from London Heathrow to Belfast, the Boeing 737 was climbing through 28,000 feet when a problem developed with the left engine.
Vibrations, smoke and fumes filled the flight deck and passengers could see the left engine on fire. The flight crew wrongly believed the right engine to be in trouble and shut the engine down, unaware of the flames emitting from the left engine, seen by many passengers and three of the cabin crew. On emergency diversion to East Midlands Airport, the left engine suffered a sudden decrease in power, and burning debris started to fall from the engine. The craft crashed short of the runway and 47 passengers died as a result of injuries sustained through ground impact.

This video is an excellent training aid in highlighting the following points:
Communication between cabin and flight deck crews.
Passengers’ reaction to an emergency.
Correct stowage of hand baggage and equipment.
Brace positions.
Preparation for more than one ground impact.
Interruption of flight crew during emergencies.