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Normally, once initial CRM training has been completed, recurrent training should refresh the entire syllabus over a given period, for example a 3-year period. So, with initial training delivered during year 1, then during years 2-4 recurrent training should cover the entire HF syllabus.

The usual approach to this requirement would be to take the main subject headings within the syllabus (e.g. stress, communication, error etc.) and to cover one third of these subjects in each of the three years during the recurrent training cycle. This will ensure that, over the 3-year period, the syllabus will have been fully refreshed.

Recurrent CRM training programmes are generally designed and prepared to meet the specific needs of individual client operations.

However, as a guide, the following is a sample Recurrent Programme delivered to one of our clients

Session 1 Introduction – General introduction to the course and refresh the context of Human Factors

Session 2 Error – Review awareness of, and types of error. Discuss avoidance/coping strategies

Session 3 Case Study

Session 4 Desktop Exercise – Run a desktop exercise as a pre-cursor to a session on decision making

Session 5 Decision Making – Decision-making, DODAR & barriers to decision making

Session 6 Communication – Review the key aspects of communication and recognise how effective communication is vital in our operation. Consider how we can improve our communication.

Session 7 Conclusion