Commutair E145 2019, hard landing on Mar 4th, gear collapse & runway excursion

Accident: Commutair E145 at Presque Isle on Mar 4th 2019, hard landing, gear collapse and runway excursion

A Commutair Embraer ERJ-145 on behalf of United, registration N14171 performing flight CS-4933/UA-4933 from Newark, NJ to Presque Isle, ME (USA) with 28 passengers and 3 crew, was on final approach to Presque Isle’s runway 01 when the crew initiated a go around from about 2000 feet MSL. The aircraft positioned for another approach to runway 01 and continued for a hard touch down at 12:27L (16:27Z), the aircraft veered right off the runway, all gear collapsed. A pilot and three passengers received minor injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

Photo:Crown of Maine

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