Conflict management in the cockpit

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Conflict management in the cockpit

We can deliver private on-line courses on a date convenient to you, and in your time zone, subject only to the availability of our facilitators.

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This interactive on-line session will be led by one of our experienced facilitators.

We are all adult humans, and so any pilot can expect to encounter cockpit conflict from time to time. There can be many causes, and varying degrees, of conflict in the cockpit, and probably a similar number of remedies. During this session participants will explore the possible causes of conflict, and they will then discuss ways to prevent conflict and methods to resolve conflict when it does arise.

The session will be based on an open format with a discussion on the subject; however, each session takes on a life of its own, as all participants are encouraged to raise any issues which concern them, or which they have experienced on the line.

Participants are encouraged to prepare for the session in advance by considering any specific questions they might like to raise, and to think of any situations on the aircraft which have given rise to concerns or misunderstanding.

Of course, all sessions are completely confidential, and no details of conversations or discussions are retained by ITS.

Sessions will commence at 08.00 UTC, although they can be provided more conveniently on Local Time Zones. For more details about this please contact us on the form below.

The duration will vary as the sessions will be governed in part by the participants; however, it is expected they will run from between 45-60 minutes.