CRM Assessment Skills

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You will be aware of the EASA requirement that CRM is assessed on the line; and of course many other Regulators also require that CRM is assessed on the line or in the simulator.

It is also an EASA requirement that any individual undertaking non-technical skills (CRM) assessments must first attend a suitable course to provide them with the necessary skills. This course meets the EASA requirements.

Observing and assessing non-technical skills (CRM/Behaviour) is a very much different, and often more difficult skill, than assessing technical skills.

This 2-day course is designed to deliver the skills you require to effectively assess and grade the non-technical skills (CRM) displayed by flight crew on the line, or in the simulator.

The primary objectives for this course therefore are to:

  • Understand exactly what we mean by Behaviour
  • Introduce the concept of NOTECHS/Behavioural Markers
  • Familiarise delegates with NOTECHS
  • Introduce the behavioural assessment process
  • Practice the skills of observing, recording, classifying and evaluating behaviours
  • Discuss the pitfalls of behavioural assessment
  • Using videos filmed in the simulator, test delegates’ ability to assess behavioural skills