Pilot Information Webinars

ITS Academy is pleased to offer a range of interactive on-line webinars for pilots worldwide to join.

The sessions are aimed primarily at pilots who are under training/suspended training, recently qualified, or who have recently joined an airline.

However, the sessions will also be valuable for pilots of all seniorities, who may be in a position to provide relevant and interesting insights into the subject.

Our aim is to provide a forum in which any pilot can join an interactive on-line session on a subject which may be of interest to them, and during which they will increase their knowledge and understanding. 

Some of the subjects will most probably not have been covered during training but will have been personally experienced by our facilitators.

Session Format
The on-line sessions will be based on an open format with a discussion on each topic, but the participants will very much lead the discussion. 

Sessions will commence at 08.00 UTC, although they can also be provided more conveniently on Local Time Zones.

Session durations will vary from subject to subject and will be governed in part by the participants; however, it is expected they will run from between 45-90 minutes.

Contact us if there are any additional subjects you would like to include

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