CRM Trainer Refresher

£195.00 + VAT

We can deliver private on-line courses on a date convenient to you, and in your time zone, subject only to the availability of our facilitators.

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As we know, all trainers can benefit from a refresher course and CRM instructors are no exception; in fact, CRM instructors can benefit more than most. It is important that trainers keep their skills at their best, that they keep abreast of current developments, and that they interact with other CRM trainers from other companies whenever possible.

EASA require CRM trainers to attend a CRMT refresher every three years. This course is EASA and FAA compliant.

With a very short on-line questionnaire, issued in advance of the course, participants will be invited to highlight any issues, concerns or topics they would like to discuss during the course. This will enable our facilitator to tailor the course to each participant’s particular needs.

The subjects on this 1-day course will include, for example:

  • Challenges facing CRMTs;
  • Commercial vs. corporate aviation. Big vs. small operations;
  • How to create better CRM courses;
  • Data collection for course design, and online platforms that can help us;
  • Finding and using case studies;
  • Latest EASA requirements.

Our experience in running the on-line CRMT Refresher course highlights just how interactive and beneficial this course is for all participants.

Courses commence at 08.00 UTC and the duration will be 8-hours, including breaks.

A certificate will be issued on completion of the course.