UK CAA publish CAP 737

The UK CAA recently published CAP 737 ‘Guidance Notes for Flight Crew, CRM Instructors (CRMIs) and CRM Instructor-Examiners (CRMIEs)’. The document provides comprehensive guidance on CRM, from a UK perspective, and contains, or references, all the information required by these individuals in respect of CRM. It will also be relevant to cabin crew CRM and, to some extent, human factors training in other aviation contexts (such as military aviation, maintenance, ATC etc.).

The document also explains the procedures involved in the issue and revalidation of CRM Instructor (CRMI) and CRM Instructor-Examiner (CRMIE).

ITS offers a 5-day CRM Instructor’s Course designed around CAP 737 and we also offer guidance in the development and use of behavioural markers in CRM assessment.

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CAP 737 can be obtained here.

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