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Engine Failure Caused Texas Jet Crash

DEL RIO, Texas (AP) – A fatal plane crash involving a flight instructor last year in Texas was caused by a total hydraulic failure of the jet’s engine, the U.S. Air Force said.

Investigative documents were released Wednesday about the November crash that killed Capt. Paul J. Barbour, The San Antonio Express-News reported .

The twin-jet, two-seat T-38 Talon jet was based out of Laughlin Air Force Base near Del Rio, Texas. It was flying a routine training mission when it crashed near Amistad Reservoir between two subdivisions, about 14 miles (23 kilometers) northwest of the base.

Capt. Joshua Hammervold, an instructor pilot, was able to eject. He was injured but survived.

The ejection system also should have propelled Barbour from the cockpit, said Marilyn Holliday, spokeswoman for the San Antonio-based Air Education and Training Command. But the 32-year-old flight instructor failed to arm his ejection seat during a pre-flight checklist and was trapped in the plane during the crash, the report said. Barbour was from Van Nuys, California.

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Qantas A380 nosedives after wake turbulence

Qantas A380 nosedives after wake turbulence. A Qantas A380 operating from Los Angeles (LAX) to Melbourne was sent into a nosedive for 10 seconds over the Pacific Ocean, on June 10, 2018. The incident was attributed to a “wake turbulence” induced by another Qantas A380 that left Los Angeles minutes earlier.

The two A380s took off from Los Angeles two minutes apart, QF12 heading to Sydney and QF94 heading to Melbourne. However, according to Qantas, the separation standards were respected, as they were about 20 nautical miles from each other, and 1000 feet of altitude apart, when QF94 hit the vortex produced by QF12.

The nosedive that ensued lasted for about 10 seconds. No passengers or crew were injured during the incident.

Qantas Fleet Safety Captain Debbie Slade acknowledged the incident, however, said passengers were not at risk: “We understand that any sudden turbulence can be a jolt for passengers but aircraft are designed to handle it safely.”

Both planes arrived safely at their respective destinations, QF94 landing with a delay of 30 minutes.

Clément Charpentreau

Image: Brian

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American A319 near El Paso, June 3rd 2018, severe hail strike

American A319 near El Paso, Jun 3rd 2018, severe hail strike. An American Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N806AW performing flight AA-1897 from San Antonio,TX to Phoenix,AZ (USA) with 130 passengers and 5 crew, was enroute at FL340 about 115nm northeast of El Paso,TX (USA) when the aircraft encountered turbulence and a severe hail strike at around 01:08Z (Jun 4th) causing damage to both windscreens and the nose cone of the aircraft. The crew decided to divert to El Paso initiating a normal descent, entered a hold at 9000 feet to burn off fuel and landed safely in El Paso about 70 minutes after leaving FL340.

Passengers reported there was lightning outside the aircraft windows, there was sound of hail pelting the aircraft.

A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration N929AN reached Phoenix with a delay of 3 hours.

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Engine Explosion in Flight – Decompression, and Passenger Injured

Southwest Airlines flight 1380 from New York LaGuardia (LGA) to Dallas Love field (DAL) made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) as the airline’s Boeing 737-700 suffered damage mid-flight. At least one passenger was injured, according to early reports.

It appears that the accident occurred as debris from the broken engine shattered a window of the aircraft, causing depressurization and injuring a passenger.

Damage to the left engine of the aircraft, as well as its fuselage and no less than one window were confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration, NBC News reports.

Joe Marcus

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Ilyushin I176 crashes in Algeria, more than 100 personnel feared lost

A Ilyushin Il76 transport plane belonging to Algerian air force has crashed on April 11, 2018 at Boufarik military airport (ICAO: DAAK), near Algiers, capital of Algeria (North Africa). 

The plane was heading to Bechar and crashed soon after taking off according to local sources. It was transporting more than 100 military personnel. First report of Civil Protection says at least 105 people died.

The Ilyushin Il76 is a Russian medium transport plane developed during the Soviet era. It can host about 120 people.

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Ryanair To Acquire 75% of LaudaMotion Subject To EU Competition Approval

Ryanair to acquire 75% of LaudaMotion subject to EU competition approval

Ryanair Holdings Plc today (20 Mar) announced that it has entered into a binding agreement with Mr Niki Lauda to support his plan to develop and grow LaudaMotion GmbH, an Austrian Airline based in Vienna.

LaudaMotion is an Austrian AOC holder owned by Niki Lauda, which has recently acquired many of the assets, including A320 aircraft, of the former Niki Airline, and will shortly start a range of scheduled and charter services from Germany, Austria and Switzerland primarily to Mediterranean leisure destinations.

Under this agreement Ryanair will acquire an initial 24.9% stake in LaudaMotion and this will rise as soon as possible to 75% subject to EU Competition approval. Niki Lauda will chair the Board of the airline and oversee the implementation of his strategy to build a successful Austrian low fares airline. Ryanair will provide financial and management support to LaudaMotion as well as 6 wet-lease aircraft for S2018 to enable LaudaMotion to complete an extensive 21 aircraft flying program.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said:
“We look forward to working in partnership with Niki Lauda to successfully develop his vision for a successful Austrian low fares airline to service the schedule and charter markets.  The LaudaMotion AOC will support a fleet of Airbus aircraft which is something we have hoped to develop within the Ryanair Group for some years.
LaudaMotion will benefit from this partnership between Niki Lauda and Ryanair. With access to the Ryanair fleet and financial resources, LaudaMotion will now grow more rapidly, as it seeks to compete in a market which is dominated by Lufthansa’s high airfares with its Swiss and Austrian subsidiaries.
This LaudaMotion partnership is good news for Austrian and German consumers/visitors who can now look forward to real competition, more choice and lower fares.  It is also great news for LaudaMotion’s people who can look forward to improved job security and more promotional opportunities in Vienna and other bases as we work with Niki Lauda and his team to accelerate growth of LaudaMotion – Austria’s low fares airline.”

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Thermal runaway in passenger luggage in China

Thermal runaway in passenger luggage in China

A China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration B-2009 performing flight CZ-3539 from Guangzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao (China), was boarding for departure. A passenger had placed his luggage containing a power bank and other equipment in the overhead locker, when the power bank suffered a thermal runway and a fire developed. Flight attendants and passengers extinguished the flames.

The airline reported during boarding a passenger placed his luggage into the overhead locker, the luggage containing caught fire, which was promptly extinguished, emergency services responded. The passenger was taken away by police for interviews. No damage beyond the luggage occurred.

The aircraft departed after a 3-hour delay.

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Iran Aseman Airlines ATR72 crashed February 18th

Iran Aseman Airlines ATR72 passenger plane crashed in Zagros Mountains in Iran on February 18, 2018. All 66 people onboard the flight EP3704 are presumed to be dead.

The plane departed Tehran Mehrabad International Airports at 8:00 AM en route to Yasuj, southwest of Iran. Approximately 50 minutes into the flight, the plane disappeared from radars as it hit Dena Mountain (part of Zagros Mountains), the airline noted in a statement on social media.

There were 66 people onboard. 60 passengers, four crew members (two pilots and two flight attendants) and two members of security forces are presumably dead, but the casualties cannot be confirmed until the wreckage is recovered.

Mohammad Tabatabaie, Aseman Airlines spokesperson, told ISNA news agency: “Given the special circumstances of the region, we still have no access to the spot of the crash and therefore we cannot accurately and definitely confirm the death of all passengers of this plane”.

Rescue teams have been dispatched to the crash site, but bad weather conditions, fog and heavy snow have prevented emergency teams from using helicopters to reach the crash site.

In a statement on social media, Aseman Airlines revealed that one of the pilots of the crashed plane was captain Hojjatallah, describing him as a very experienced pilot who had previously successfully avoided a similar accident. According to the airline, back in 2013 Hojjatallah safely landed in Yasuj airport following an emergency situation when the second engine of ATR72 went out during a flight from Tehran to Yasul.


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Dec 13th 2017 – West Wind Aviation ATR 42-300 accident

Dec 13th 2017 – West Wind Aviation ATR 42-300 accident. A West Wind Aviation ATR 42-300 impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Fond-du-Lac Airport (CZFD) in Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan. The aircraft sustained substantial damage and there are reports of “multiple injuries ” among the twenty-two passengers and three crew onboard the airplane.

ATR 32-300 West Wind Accident

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Qatar A321 at Doha on Dec 8th, aircraft on fire during maintenance

Qatar A321 at Doha on Dec 8th, aircraft on fire during maintenance. A Qatar Airways Airbus A321-200, registration A7-AIB, was parked at a remote stand for maintenance concerning the inflight entertainment system and satcom antenna, when at about 06:50L fire broke out in the cabin burning through the roof of the aircraft before the fire could be extinguished. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage and possibly needs to be written off.

The aircraft had last flown on Dec 6th 2017 performing flight QR-234 from Moscow Domodedovo (Russia) to Doha (Qatar). The airline reported a fire broke out inside the cabin but was promptly extinguished. “Whilst there was some damage to the aircraft there were no injuries”, the airline stated.

The aircraft seen after the fire was extinguished:

Qatar A321 Fire

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